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New Release:  el Don Divino
Una Historia Verdadera de Vida, Muerte, y Confianza - $17.95

Book CoverUna apasionante historia verdadera de triunfo sobre la tragedia. Un esposo y padre comparte su experiencia personal al superar la angustia y la tragedia de perderla la mitad de su familia debido a la muerte. Este es el más reciente libro del autor Charles W. Allen y se divide en dos partes. La primera parte del libro, "Los niños Valientes (Children of Courage)", (2002) que narra 30 años de vida de Charles y su esposa, Sue, durante la crianza de sus seis hijos, dos de los cuales padecían de fibrosis cística. Ellos fueron capaces de preparar con éxito a dos de sus hijos para la muerte, al mismo tiempo que preparaban a sus otros cuatro hijos para la vida. La segunda parte relata las experiencias de Charles con su esposa y su hija mayor, quienes lucharon contra el cáncer, así como el maravilloso regalo que su esposa, Sue, le dio durante su última semana de vida. El autor ha tomado varios extractos de su diario personal para demostrar cómo fue capaz de triunfar sobre las tragedias que experimentó a lo largo de su vida. 

El libro contiene 265 páginas en 24 capítulos. Cubierta suave. Arte de la cubierta del Libro por AI Rondas.

Journey of Promise:
West From Sempringham - $24.95

Journey of Promise: West From Sempringham, follows the Christian dramaBook Cover that began with the earliest Christian history that Thomas Jefferson referred to as the “first age.”  The book presents major events that helped to shape the efforts that, over 18 centuries, led to the founding of the United States of America.  Most of our Founding Fathers considered America to have been established through a divine process and for a divine purpose.  Author and historian Charles W. Allen connects the historical dots to help the reader navigate the nearly-two-millennia-period, to discover and consider for himself what the possible reasons for our nation’s founding are, and what its destiny might be.

This book introduces to the reader an ancient historic site in Lincolnshire, England, a village that has long-since vanished, that is of central importance to the founding of America.

Lee Groberg (Groberg Films), producer of several quality specials for PBS said:  “This book, Journey of Promise: West From Sempringham, reflects a detailed and well-researched look at the stirrings of men and women in Europe and England who sought religious freedom and the effect it had on the founding of the United States.  As a documentary filmmaker, I have been keenly interested in the detail and insight of this story.  This book has influenced my research in the development of two films I am producing for PBS Television and BYU TV.  My hat is off to Charles W. Allen, who has tackled this story with passion, born of blood heritage as well as from a deep desire to bring these details to light for the general public.  It is expertly researched and truly is a remarkable piece of work, especially for those who value the prologue to the founding of the United States of America and provides information to help answer the question:  “Was America founded for a Divine Purpose,” like most all of our Founding Fathers believed?”

This book contains 522 pages in 25 chapters, 531 page notes, 6 appendices, and Index.  Soft cover only.  Book cover art by Al Rounds

The Gift:
A True Story of Life, Death, and Trust - $15.95

A gripping true story of triumph over tragedy. A husband and father shares his personal experience of Book Coverconquering the heartache and tragedy of losing half his family to death. This latest book by author Charles W. Allen is in two parts. Part 1 is the former book, Children of Courage (2002) which chronicles 30 years of Charles and his wife, Sue, raising their six children, two of whom had cystic fibrosis. They were able to successfully prepare two children for eventual death while preparing four healthy children to live. Part two shares Charles' experiences with his wife and daughter as they battled cancer and the wonderful gift his wife, Sue, gave him during the last week of her life. Excerpts are taken from his personal journal showing how he was able to triumph over the tragedies that continued to come into his life.

Book contains 258 pages in 24 chapters. Soft cover only.
Book cover art by Al Rounds.

Spanish Version Available Soon!

Two Book Set

Book Cover Book Cover

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Of interest to the LDS (Mormon) reader:

Out of captivity - $29.95

“Charles W. Allen has produced another exceptional book! Out of Captivity tells us of the Reformation in Book CoverEurope--especially as it relates to England–including the Pilgrims’ quest for religious freedom and the Puritans’ desire to follow Christ. The story of sacrifice is a saga of courage amid centuries of religious upheaval. It is a story filled with timeless examples of the love of God, even during the darkest time of the Dark Ages, all in preparation for the restoration of the gospel in the latter days. The details of each character portrayed in Out of Captivity create a unique story that is a must reading for patriotic Latter-day Saints. Hats off to Charles Allen for researching and writing a marvelous work!” – Susan Easton Black, Brigham Young University.

Some of the important characters introduced in this work from British and Christian history include the Venerable Bede; the martyr St. Alban; Roman missionary, Paulinus; Oliver Cromwell; and William the Conqueror who won the Battle of Hastings. Key Puritans in early American history include Henry Dunster, first president of Harvard University; Thomas Dudley, Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor; Ann Bradstreet, first American poet; and Elizabeth Kendall, wrongfully charged and tragically executed for witchcraft.

This book connects the dots from British Christian history to the Puritan Migration to early American history (known as the Great Migration); to the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Out of Captivity discusses how the Nicene Creed was able to refute Arianism which de-emphasized Christ, therefore having a positive impact on Christian beliefs of the time. Through text and maps this book shows some of the wanderings of the Tribes of Israel, specifically, the Tribe of Ephraim and the important role that tribe played in the settling of America and the restoration of the Gospel. Also included are discussions, on the importance of the native American, Squanto; the symbolism of the Harvard Veritas Shield and the importance of the King James Bible. Some of the finest LDS non-fiction you will ever come across!

Book contains 611 pages in 23 chapters, 568 page notes, 4 appendices, index, 34 full-page color photos, and 12 maps. Soft cover only. Book cover art by Al Rounds

Window Maker:
Rebuilding the Nauvoo Temple - $21.95

Second edition. Rewritten with 2 additional chapters, including a chapter on the symbolism on the Nauvoo Temple exterior.

Window Maker, a best seller, is the most comprehensive book written about an important aspect of the Book Coverrebuilding of the Nauvoo Temple. Many have come to describe the Nauvoo Temple as a “temple of windows.” Window Maker shares with the reader special experiences as Charles Allen worked more than three years to accomplish his unique assignment from the Temple Committee: “Charles, whatever you do, just make them right.” The book is taken from Charles’s personal journal and is not a book written to show how to build windows but is a detailed description of how the Spirit of the Lord is willing to guide us in our daily lives.

This book includes an entire chapter devoted to discussing the symbolism on the exterior of the Nauvoo Temple. From the little red, white and blue star window to the positioning of the star, moon and sun stones, the pilasters and the stately tower, read about Charles Allen’s feelings about their meaning.

Book contains 281 pages in 26 chapters with 24 color photos. Soft cover only. Book cover art by Al Rounds.


Two Book Set

Book Cover  Book Cover

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